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I’ve had my therian blog for nearly a year so I’m having a giveaway!

The winner will get a custom-made hat and matching fingerless gloves, presumably of their therio/kintype. I will make them as accurate and detailed as I can ~

  • I will count one like and one reblog per person
  • You must be following me
  • No giveaway blogs
  • If you don’t feel comfortable putting this on your main blog (the one I see on my follower list) then put it on your therian/otherkin one and message me with the name of your primary blog. I won’t tell anyone who you are, I promise :3
  • I will draw a winner on October 30th, 2013. The winner must reply to my message within three days or I will draw another.

Shipping will be free if it’s under $10 or so, which it should be if you’re in the continental US or Canada since these will fit in a large envelope. I will cover the first $10 in shipping costs if you live elsewhere.

If you also reblog this post then I will put some otherkin-themed buttons in your package if you win, and if that post passes 1,000 notes I’ll pick a second winner! Why? Because I had a lot of fun making it and its lack of notes makes me sadface (shhh it’s my giveaway I can do what I want).

Good luck!

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